Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sand Tracks Nabarlek and Sandridge Band Tour

Country Arts WA & Smokefree WA
Sand Tracks
Nabarlek and Sandridge Band
Coming to Warakurna Saturday 5th October 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yurliya Band Design Project

Check out some of the designs created by the Warakurna gang this week as part of the Yurliya Band design workshop facilitated by Kate O'Connor.




Monday, August 12, 2013

Yurliya Band - Design Workshops

Yurliya Band design workshops happening next week for wati and minyma.
Come and learn how to design CD covers, posters, caps, hoodies and t-shirts!
Workshops happening in the Warakurna Artists Art Centre studio 19th -23rd August 2013.
See you there!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yurliya Band's First Video Clip

Check out Yurliya Band's new music clip for A Place for You and Me...Click here

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yurliya Band Profile


About Yurliya Band – Warakurna Reggae Style

Geoffrey Yungett the lead singer of the band started singing country music when he was a young boy.
Geoffrey decided that Warakurna community needed their own band and asked Jamon Watson, Dwayne Shepherd, Albert Porter, Tim Jackson, Dion Bell and Xavier McLean to form the newly named Yurliya Band.  All the band members brought their ideas together and are influenced by country rock, reggae, desert ska and rap.  Xavier McLean explains “we have our own style; it’s a mix of different sounds”.
The band are experimenting with the concept of ’automatic change’.  Geoffrey and Xavier explain “it means that you can keep playing, but change or interchange other songs, like a continuum.  It’s like using the same beat but you can overlay that beat with different melodies.  It’s what makes us unique”
At the moment we are playing at football and sports carnivals and local festivals in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands.

They guys have been listening to bands such as Tjupi band (Papunya), Sunrise band (Pipalytjara and Kalka), Iwantja Band (Indulkana) , Saltwater band (Elco island), Yupu band (Kalgoorlie), Narbarlek band (Manmoyi, Arnhem Land) and local bands like, Irrunytju, Jameson, Ranges (Warburton) and Blackstone bands.  They are also interested in bands like DMP (Doorman's Project) band from the Solomon Islands.  "The DMP have a great sound, it's a good reggae rap fusion sound, we like them a lot, people should listen to them" Xavier McLean.

The band have big dreams for the future.  They want to launch their new CD at the Bush Bands Bash in September in Alice Springs. After that they want to play gigs across central Australia and share their sound with the rest of the nation.  They are currently working on their own website and new songs and working in collaboration with Ngaanyatjarra Media and Warakurna Artists.  “We want to be a part of the region's music scene, there’s a lot of great music happening in the desert”,
The Band
Geoffrey Yungett  - Lead Singer
Dwanye Shepherd – Back- up vocals
Xavier McLean - Keyboards
Jamon Watson – Electric base
Tim Jackson – Lead guitar
Albert Porter – Rhythm guitar
Dion Bell and Clevi Reid – Drum
More info
Check out the Yurliya Band's blog -

Photos by Kristabel Porter
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